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As a member of The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Women in Leadership and Local First Springfield, we proudly maintain the standards of excellence that have made our 35+ years of experience. Professional Customer Service is #1. Let us be your preferred Sangamon County laundry center.

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Although we will take the upmost care of your items, the following conditions, as marked and described, require your acknowledgement and release of responsibility:

Further attempts to remove stains
The remaining stains and/or discoloration in this garment have been given our best attention consistent with safety. However, further attempts to remove them may result in injury to the fabric or color.

Wet cleaning required
In some cases, certain stains or soils are not completely soluble in dry cleaning solvent. When this occurs, the garment should be cleaned by a process called “wet-cleaning.”  During this process, we exercise the utmost professional care to prevent shrinkage, color loss or fabric distortion. Also, you should be aware that some fabrics may shrink or distort abnormally during wet-cleaning while others may have been dyed with non-fast colors.

Double-Faced fabric
Fabrics with one side different than the other sometimes are woven to produce that effect or sometimes they are actually two pieces of material glued together. Although most of the woven and some of the glued double-faced fabric dry-clean satisfactorily, shrinkage or separation may occur. This separation or shrinkage may not necessarily occur the first few times a garment is dry-cleaned but this does not guarantee against it happening at a later time. For this reason, we accept all double-faced fabrics subject to your risk.

Leather and suede
Suede and leather garments, being made of animal skins, sometimes have inherent defects that may not be apparent before cleaning. In addition to the effects of normal wear, there are other conditions you should be aware of. Some skins may have weak or thin areas that can chafe during processing. Prior exposure to heat and moisture can make skins, tender, stiff or brittle. Fading may not be totally corrected by dyeing. Some stains may not be assured if skins were not originally matched evenly. Heavily soiled linings may not clean satisfactorily. Also, if skins were overstretched in making the garment they may shrink during cleaning.

Draperies and curtains
Draperies and curtains, while hanging, are subject to the damaging effects of sunlight, heat, humidity, and air pollution. Tender areas in the fabric caused by these conditions may result in holes or tears despite our careful cleaning procedures. Also, sun-facing may be covered by soil and improper shrinkage treatment by the manufacturer may result in progressive shrinkage.

I have read and understand the special conditions associated with my item and agree that, although you will use the utmost care in processing my item, I release you from responsibility for any of the conditions described.

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